M8 Modification For Spektrum Antenna

Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you screw your M8, Spektrum Module or both up. If you are not mechanically inclined or afraid of messing something up, don't attempt this procedure. If you don't have the right tools, don't do this modification.


Tools Needed:
*Tiny screw driver

*Dremel tool with small sanding drum


*1/8" drill bit

1. Remove the Spektrum module from your M8 and disassemble. If you still have the telescoping antenna inserted, simply unscrew it.

2. Un-clip the antenna from the socket and pay attention to what socket it is plugged into.

3. Remove the Spektrum antenna from the top half of the case. The antenna is clipped into the case, so you may need to pry gently or use pliers carefully.(sorry, no pics)

4. Remove the screws that are circled in red.

5. The rear M8 case should remove easily. Becareful not to bend the module pins in the process.

6. The circuit board will be exposed. Now remove the screw on the right and loosen the screw on the left. This will allow you to raise the circuit board in order to insert the Spektrum antenna.

7. With the circuit board lifted, carefully slide the top part of the Spektrum antenna through the metal antenna band from the bottom.

8. Continually push the antenna through the band till you reach the upper antenna hole on the M8. Once you have the antenna protruding out the top of the M8, you can now set the circuit board back in place. The circled part of the metal band will need to be squeezed together with pliers so they won't be in the way when you put the rear case back together. Now you can insert the circuit board screws.

9. Drill a hole in the case for the antenna wire.

10. With a Dremel tool or similar, you must modify the case to fit the larger Spektrum antenna. This is may take several attempts to obtain a proper fit. Just be patient and don't take too much. Most of the material will need removed from the top part of the case. Once you get the desired fit, fish the antenna lead through the hole and screw the case back on.

11. Now the Spektrum case needs to be modified to accept the repositioned antenna wire. The best spot I found is right below the right module clip. I used a Dremel tool to slighly mill a semi-circle to fit the wire.

12. This part here gets kinda tricky and special care needs to be taken not to bend the module pins and pull the antenna connector off the module. Sorry, no pics of this process. I'll try to explain it the best I can.

*Take the bottom half of the Spektrum module and position it close to the M8. This will allow you to connect the antenna to the plug on the module.

*With the antenna connected, re-assemble the module and make sure the antenna wire is aligned with the semi-circle on the module case.

*Carefully screw the case back together and try not to put too much pressure on the antenna wire. This may risk pulling the antenna connector off the module socket.

*Now for the tricky part. Line up the pins on the module and slowly snap the module in place. Might take a couple tries, but becareful not to force anything.

13. Once the Spektrum module is in place, you can either give it a test or work on plugging the original antenna hole. I found a plug that fits snug in the hole left it at that. You can either Dremel off the raised part of the case and make it flush for a neater look. I decided not to since I didn't have a plug large enough handy. I may do it later on if I find a cap or plug. If you don't have a cap, try your local auto store. I'm sure you can find something to cover up the hole.

The finished product...